Email marketing services

Email marketing is a major part of the communications strategy for most businesses these days. It can be great value, especially compared with paper-based mailing. It’s still vital to maintain a high standard of targeting, relevance and clarity in your communications.


Getting started with our email marketing services

Working with Dreamcell all you really need is a great idea that you want to communicate, plus a list of opted-in people you’d like to communicate with. Click here to jump to our enquiry form. We can write and design, test, manage sending and perform campaign analysis for your email, and also provide you with the landing pages and other target and conversion resources you need.

Email marketing campaign tools

We’re happy to work with any of the fantastic email campaign management tools available out there, so if you already work with Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, MailChimp or Dotmailer (for example), the chances are we’re fully versed in using the environment.
some of the campiagning tools we use

Campaign integration

We have lots of experience of getting systems like SalesForce and MailChimp talking to each other. Dreamcell can’t develop this sort of link up for you, but we are happy to work with you to implement hook ups between systems where APIs are already developed.

Testing, testing, testing

We tend to hand-code our campaigns in preference to using the limited templates that you’re probably already familiar with. And then we’ll test them using a range of inbox inspection tools, so whether your campaign is being read on an iPad or an office PC, it’ll look fine.

How much
will it cost?

If you are thinking of sending regular campaigns, including design and a full service, they could cost as little as


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The limitations of email marketing

Composing an HTML email is a bit like building a web page that gets sent by email. But the range of technical feats you can pull off is very limited. This is because email clients are very inconsistent in how they display and use code. Generally you can forget about lovely fonts, fine typography, animated graphics and interactivity. This medium is best suited to either hard-hitting simple messages and promotions, or serious communication to an audience that already loves you.

Either way your list needs to be fully opted-in – in other words your customers, or people who have explicitly said they would like to hear from you by email.

Reasons to use Dreamcell for email marketing

As with any communications aimed at customers and prospects, it pays to keep standards high and aim for perfection. Working with Dreamcell means we get the hard work of getting all the technical details right, and you focus on getting the strategy and communications how you want them.

Even using online campaign tools getting your campaign exactly how you want it to be can be treacherous: tetchy code, plain text versions, smartphone clients, cross-browser testing, hosting images and downloads, testing and testing again. We will take care of it all for you – and give you a great creative too!

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