Graphic design

A page from a style manual defined for FMC.

A page from a style manual written for FMC. This document makes it easy to control the new corporate identity and make its application consistent.

Pretty much every project we ever work on begins life as a graphics brief.

Corporate identity

We can start from scratch, or we can simply give your identity a wash and brush-up. We have bags of experience in developing corporate identities that clearly define our clients’ businesses.

Without making a meal of things we’ll leave you with a clearly-defined identity, and a full set of production files and a style manual for all your agencies, suppliers and staff to use.

We can help with extended roll-outs and application programmes covering building signage, vehicle livery, Office templates, email signatures… and so much more.

For start-up businesses, why not consider one of our start-up packages?

A printed magazine for Cisco resellers across Europe.

A printed magazine for Cisco resellers across Europe.


Design for print

We are experts in print technology, and we love designing work for print production. We’ll always work within the practical comstraints of budget and technology, and we’ll always help you to define your printed projects to use the process with maximum economy.

From a simple business card to multi-language product catalogues, we’ve tackled projects of all shapes and sizes over the years.

Digital design

We can help you with many things digital. Here are a few:

  • Web sites
  • Training videos
  • Keynote presentations
  • Kiosk user interfaces
  • Apps

Retail design

Retail design is a specialised area, requiring high productivity, flawless accuracy, great cooperation and technical perfection.

On top of that, retail requires fresh creative expression, season after season. We’ve worked for quite a few retailers over the years, and we fully understand these demands.