Bathstore local press advertising

Local advertising samples for Bathstore

Since we started working with Bathstore in 2005 they have been well-supported by lavish TV advertising, as well as rich national press schedules. But with over 160 stores nationwide they also need a regular supply of on-brand tailored local press advertising.

Branches frequently require tactical adverts, custom designed to meet their local requirements. Promotional messaging is controlled at a central level – but ensuring local stores are well represented in local media with brand values and graphical standards in place was proving a challenge.

Driving the national brand locally

Working with Bathstore to provide an economical on-demand service, Dreamcell have provided stores around the UK with stylish, on-message adverts. Keeping it simple and using their frist-class photography, the ads meet the criteria of the client:

  • Highly affordable
  • Customised to meet store manager’s needs
  • Brand consistently applied
  • On-message and with the right products
  • Accurate production
  • Ontime